Welcome to Knocknarone

Knocknarone means ‘hill of the seal’ and we are located by the sea in West Connemara, Ireland. On this site you will find both Knocknarone Poetry, two blogs for conversation in and with poetry; and Knocknarone Press (2017) with a shop for book buying.

Featured Book

By Robyn Rowland

‘But I begin here in the body,’ I say
—hand sweeping up my trunk between breasts—
‘and the poem slides along my skin,
it moves up through the heart and out…’

The new book looks beyond the idea of ‘enemy’ towards friendship, love and commonality. Travelling through Turkey – Istanbul, Bursa, Kaş, Bozcaada Island, the poet experiences loving friendships emerging out of difference but with a common human thread. Significant poems emerge on Bozcaada, once Tenedos. A small Turkish island of wine growing and red poppies, its village life fits well with a poet who grew up in the small seaside town of Shellharbour in New South Wales Australia.