The Most Beautiful Book of Poetry of 2019

Awarded to Museum a creative response to the museum that is 14 Henrietta Street, a Georgian townhouse that became a tenement.

Its textured red cover is to remember the raddle red used to paint walls in a tenement as it was considered to have antiseptic qualities, the page edges are Reckitt blue.

Paula Meehan responded in a series of sonnets addressed to the nine Muses.  The word museum she tells us comes from the Greek, a place to put things to please the Muses.  It is the perfect form for the classic architecture of the house.  In her chosen spaces, Paula, calls forth the ghosts who lived here and their lives.  My favourite the poem dedicated to the Muse of Dance ‘Step we gaily, on we go.’

Dragana Juriƾić responded with moody photos full of light and shade, showing detail and also evocative objects, like china dogs or a pram.  She often uses the wallpaper, the layers of which fascinated her, as background to the poems.


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